Inter-starsystem exploration

As I wrote in the "Spirit", frontier spirit is the highest survivability of mankind. The human race that has lost it will decline. In other words, human beings will not lose the frontier spirit as long as they continue to prosper. Mankind is have reached land that can be seen on the other side of the sea, land on the other side of the ocean, moon in the sky. The astronomical object that mankind has reached at this time is only the moon which is the satellite of the earth. If the prosperity of mankind continues, it is inevitable that we aim to reach the new world in the future.

Reaching God

A century has passed since Friedrich Nietzsche declared "God is dead". The sense that God is gone is probably caused by the rapid development of mankind. Then, can mankind arrive at the position of the god who no longer exists?

Number truth

Numbers, or Numerical values, are widely recognized as being present. On the other hand, it seems that God or ghost are often treated as not existing. However, if it can be said that there are no gods or ghosts, it can be said that there are no numbers.


Human's spirit is the most important factor for mankind. It is natural and often forgotten, but I want to reconfirm sometimes in our lives that rely on substances.

God and deities

God or deity is treated as a different thing from ghost. I will consideration the differences and similarities of monotheistic god and polytheistic deities.