UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object. In the past, the UFO was definitely existed. In modern times it may be like a difficult heritage of disposal.

Occultism definition

Flying saucer

As an occult term UFO has a shape such as saucer, it has a shape very different from that of the aircraft, or it fly while shining.

Also, on aircraft it will do difficult exercise, and it is said that it is manufactured and operated by intellectual creatures that are not existing humans such as aliens, future humans and Nazi remnants.

There are also aliases such as flying saucer and alien craft.

Original definition


The word UFO appeared as a military term in the Cold War era. It is a designation that is not able to grasp the details of radio wave reflection in the air detected by radar.

It is a collective name of what is missing information such as artifacts or imaginary detection of radar, military aircraft or civilian aircraft, hostile or friendly.

The designation UFO includes "Object", but if it reflects / transmits radio waves it may include natural phenomena that is not an object.

It seems that things that seem to be natural phenomena seem to be ignored because of improved processing technology and operational technology, of radar. By the time I was engaged in the military industry, It was called "Unknown" for aircraft and ships only.

It seems that UFO as a military term has already become a obsolete word though it seems that being widely spread as an occult term to the world is the main reason.

Modern UFO

Fighter aircraft

As a military term became a obsolete word, UFO exists only as an occult term. Is that a no problem?

In the past it is obvious that the air force has intercepted(to be exact, they emergency departure to confirm and eliminate) the UFO. At the moment of visual confirmation, the UFO disappeared and it should have transformed into a Communist military aircraft or a fireball.

I think that the word UFO written in the document that records this fact should not be rewritten to the current "Unknown". The reason is to tamper the primary document.

Ultimately, it is expected that UFO will be eliminated from the occult term.

Occultist 's "UFO sightings" is not convincing for UFOs that change to another at the moment they witnessed.

In addition, the anti-Occultist insisted that "UFO does not exist" requires presentation of evidence to overturn the fact that UFO existed one period.

As an occult term, there is a flying saucer / alien craft as being more appropriate than UFO, therefore it can not be troubled if only UFO is lost.