What was I witnessed? I do not think that it will ever be presented with the correct answer, but I will write some hypotheses.


There is the possibility of an event occurred only in my brain. For example, I remember "i saw what I had not seen in my eyes", "i experienced dreams as actual experience", such will be considered.

Since it is a hypothesis that deny everything from the root, I present it first.



Among the meteorites falling to the earth, things that shine are called meteors.

A meteor shining especially intensely Jananese it is called 火球(Fire + Sphere). In English it is called fireball and Jananese it is translated as 火の玉(Ball of fire).

It is silence and a green fireball is also being witnessed. Therefore, I think that it is the hypothesis closest to the light emission phenomenon that I saw.

However, there are some suspicious points, so I am confidently unable to conclude.

First of all it seems to me that it was emitting light at a short distance. As I suspected illumination first, I remember it was as high as the roof of the house.

Next, the fireball is said to be the light may become strong, but what I saw was a constant amount of light like rocket fireworks.

The end is critical. At the time I witnessed, I do not have the memory that sightings of fireballs became news.
Because it should have been witnessed by many people in a wide range if it was emitting light at such a distance that the sound does not reach.

人魂(Human's Souls)


My deceased grandfather saided "I saw the 人魂(HITO-DAMA) when I was a child".

In the Japanese occultism definition, 人魂 seems to be "The soul of the dead floats as a fireball".

Although it is a personal opinion, I guess that the word HITO-DAMA is a deformed version of HI-NO-TAMA (火の玉).

Even if who witness the event of a fireball, we can not establish that the human soul is visualized. It is like asserting that an alien is on the UFO.

As synonyms of 人魂, there are names such as 鬼火(Ogre + Fire), 狐火(Fox + Fire), Will-O-Whisp. As a common thing to these folklore, the witness seems to have felt intention and life to 火の玉. To guess, they could not imagine abiotic from movement and light fluctuations.

I did not feel intention or life from the luminescence phenomenon that I witnessed. Therefore, I believe it was not a 人魂.



Usually electricity is not visible. It may be a mistake, I understand that visible electricity is plasma.

Even in a space that seems to be nothing, it seems that there is a case where light is emitted as a plasma if there is electricity.

There are also plasmas drifting as spheres, experiments are also being conducted to reproduce the fireball as a physical phenomenon.

Since Illumination is using electricity, I think that it is the closest to the event I witnessed.



Plasma is not determined to be the identity of all luminescence phenomena.

Even in the absence of electricity, "space that seems to be empty" is filled with air.

The atoms that make up the air have energy released by nuclear fission and nuclear fusion. The difference from nuclear fuel is that it is less likely to cause a nuclear reaction.

There is a theory that a substance and an antimatter are combined and stable, even for a vacuum in which atoms do not exist.

Antimatter is a substance with opposite charge of proton and electron. By colliding with a material with the correct charge, it causes annihilation phenomenon, it becomes energy together with the collided substance and disappears.

Even if nothing can be observed with the current technology, we can not conclude that "there is nothing in space".

Now that, the things that are in front of us disappear simultaneously with the flash, we may witness a miracle.