I think that our ancestors were not stupid. They will not name things that do not exist. The ghost exists.

Occult or general definition


In general, it is treated the same as the occult term, and the one which constitutes life excluding the body is called ghost.

It is an intelligence with consciousness and memory, not a substance, so it seems to work after death, that is, even after the body stops its activity.

It is a core element in the culture, thought, and desire that death is not the end of life.

If ghost is the main part of intelligence, it is interesting to see how brain positioning will be.

Death and extinction


If the brain stops functioning and is judged as brain death, it is legally considered death. Further, as the heart stops and body temperature falls, it is generally recognized as death.

Thus, although the definition of death is clear, when will the existence of an individual disappear?

The annihilation as the subject is simultaneous with the death of the individual. For example, my presence as seen from my subjectivity disappears at the moment of my death.

The annihilation as an object is simultaneous with the annihilation of memories, records, artifacts, traditions, etc. concerning the existence of individuals. For example, if there are no people who can recognize that someone like me or me existed, my existence will disappear.

As an object, there is a possibility that it can exist until the destruction of the human race. Or, even after the destruction of mankind, it may exist by intelligence other than humanity.

Unique definition

Information and brain

As explained in "Virtualization", others are virtualized in our brain, including those who have never met before.

Of course, close friends who we know well are also virtualized. Since the virtualized person is an object for the principal who became a model, it exists even after his death.

All our "reality" is in the brain. As long as it exists in the brain, we may see the existence of what is present or listen to the voice. We should even be able to touch it.

This is the identity of what is called a ghost.

The information and the brain are the only things that make up the ghost. Information is intangible, but it can not be said that it does not exist.

Before you read this article, you may have understood. Perhaps, our ancestors were also aware. Since long definition is necessary, the ancestor needs the designation "ghost", and I guess that its existence was misunderstood.