God and deities

God or deity is treated as a different thing from ghost. I will consideration the differences and similarities of monotheistic god and polytheistic deities.

Universal God / deity condition


I think that God / deity condition common to monotheism and polytheism is only one point of "not a living human being".

In polytheism, exceptionally they treat living human beings as deities. However, it is simply called "Living deity" rather than "deity", so it can be interpreted as an honorary title.

Case of monotheism

Earth and the sun

In monotheism, it is thought that we call the creator of the mankind as God. If "ancient alien" is involved in the process of evolution of mankind, I can only call it God.

There is no factor that the intelligence intervened in the evolution of humanity in evolution theory. It seems to me that the evolution of life into mankind without intentional manipulation is a miracle. Because God is not a human being, it does not contradiction even if it is unconscious existence. I think that it is no problem for us to call this miraculous events collectively as a god.

Case of polytheism

the deities

There is also a creator of the mankind in polytheistic, but it seems not to be as serious consideration as monotheism.

In Shintoism in Japan, we call the deities "eight million deities" and it is said that deity dwells in all things in the world. Also, there is a custom of enshrining precious deceased and ancestors as deities.

In polytheism, I think that various resources for maintaining human life were treated as deities. Even if it is dangerous for human beings such as poisons and predators, it probably has respected as an element constituting the ecosystem.

Relationship between monotheism and polytheism

Rock garden

I think. Monotheistic god and polytheistic deities are the same. The existence that creates and nurtures humanity, that is, the earth / sun. It is monotheism to treat the universe containing them as a god, and it is polytheism to treat all the constituents of the universe individually as deities.

As a unique definition for God / deities, I propose "all of the universe including areas that human beings can not recognize, and all physical laws".