Inter-starsystem exploration

As I wrote in the "Spirit", frontier spirit is the highest survivability of mankind. The human race that has lost it will decline. In other words, human beings will not lose the frontier spirit as long as they continue to prosper. Mankind is have reached land that can be seen on the other side of the sea, land on the other side of the ocean, moon in the sky. The astronomical object that mankind has reached at this time is only the moon which is the satellite of the earth. If the prosperity of mankind continues, it is inevitable that we aim to reach the new world in the future.

Ask for a new world


The arrival at the human moon remained in history as "reaching mankind first different astronomical object". The earth is classified as a planet as a astronomical object. It is natural that the next goal will be "reaching another planet for the first time in the human race", the United States is planning manned exploration of Mars.

As I wrote in the "Spirit", mankind is have realized what is theoretically possible. If enough budget can be secured, mankind will surely arrive on Mars.

Mankind who have reached Mars will incorporate all the astronomical objects belonging to the solar system into the economic zone. And mankind being Ask for a new place to outside the solar system.

Advance into the solar system

Solar system

The solar system is a star system centered on a star called the sun. Almost all of astronomical objects shining in the starry sky are stars, and there are star systems other than the solar system. Mankind beings who reached Mars will aim for "the arrival of mankind to another stellar system for the first time" as the next historical accomplishment. However, for the purpose of inter-starsystem exploration, of a it is not guaranteed whether the crew's descendants will explore as intended.

However, there is a big barrier to implementing the same procedure as the previous example. Even the nearest star system from the solar system is that it is at a distance that arrives over several years at lightspeed.

If it is the previous example of moon and Mars, unmanned exploration by a probe will be carried out several times even in a star system, and after that it will carry out manned exploration by exploration ship that a human being boarded.

In the theory at the present moment, objects with mass can not move at the speed of light. Familiar warp drive with fiction even theory does not exist, so we can not expect realization. In order for the starship to reach the star system to be explored, it should take about 10 years even if you can get the maximum speed of near-lightspeed. Because needs to accelerate in the first half of the voyage and slow down in the second half of the rest.

Also unless faster-than-light communication is invented, even unilateral communication takes several years.

Unmanned exploration

Space probe

There is a big advantage for a spacecraft that a human is not aboard. It is unnecessary that facilities and supplies necessary for maintaining human life, such as air, pressurization, water, food, excrement disposal, etc., are unnecessary. Sharp acceleration / deceleration which the human body can not tolerate is also possible, and resources for returning are also unnecessary.

As a role of an space probe, we can think of a reconnaissance / a drill ahead of manned exploration. However, in inter-starsystem exploration, it takes 10 years to arrive, and it takes several years for the transmitted information to reach the solar system.

It is doubtful whether unmanned exploration, which will take ten‐odd years or so until the success or failure will be known, can be carried out many times as in the previous example. If we start multiple space-probes at the same time without waiting for success or failure, you should be able to achieve reliable results within 20 years.

Manned exploration


Mankind reaching other star systems is a result of an easy-to-understand form that the frontier spirit requires. Excluding intellectual inquiry and academic research, only this can not be achieved by unmanned exploration.

Manned exploration is technically more difficult than unmanned exploration. As mentioned earlier, needs facility and supplies necessary for maintaining human life. If planned for returning, need supplies for returning.

As a countermeasure, there are ideas to reduce the required amount of supplies, such as to cold sleep on the crew, take out the brain from the human body to make a crew, but it is not technically established.

There is an idea called an space colony ship that uses cities floating in space. This is also called generation ship or generational starship. The crew is the number of people required for the preservation of species and aims to become a star system of the destination while changing generations.

As an advantage, since the individual life expectancy of the crew of the exploration ship is not a constraint, the navigation speed as an essential condition is not required and it can be realized by extending the current technology.

Space colony ship will be used for pioneers to unknown sites such as mankind who moved to islands prehistorically. Even so, it is not a reckless adventure as prehistoric as it is possible to get information from a preceding space probe.

Third method

Unattended journey

I think that the solar system is not narrow enough that mankind needs a Immigration team between inter-starsystem. However, it seems that human beings will not seal frontier spirits until the solar system becomes narrow.

Space probe becomes dominant from the viewpoint of the required period and cost, but remote control between the inter-starsysytem is difficult because the communication delay is large. Even if it is an space probe, autonomous intelligence as a substitute for human beings will be loaded and he will be given the same discretionary authority as a human beings will be given.

As I wrote in "Reaching God", the first intelligence that human beings create is supposed to be computer-based. Development of parts that can withstand long-term aged deterioration of 10 years or 100 years is a problem, but as computers can easily reduce processing capacity or stop activities, resource consumption until arriving at the destination is the lowest It becomes a limit.

If mankind recognize computers with intelligence as intelligent families of mankind, mankind is equal to acquiring a new world far beyond flesh body constraints.