It was virtualization to create logical things from physical ones. Is the reverse possible? I will list my ideas.


Alchemical Laboratory

Alchemy is often used as a synonym for creates something from nothing much. But, since it requires material with entity, strictly speaking, it is not a technology that creates something from nothing much.

It is probably used as a metaphor since it converts materials equal to worthlessness into expensive substances.

Miracle / Psychic

It seems that there is a possibility that the agent of God creates materials using miracles. Some people with unusual abilities called so-called psychic seem to have someone who can create substances using their special abilities.

These phenomena can do the same with magic, so it should be verified with the cooperation of the magician.

3D printer / Laser materials processing machine

3D printer

There are devices that can form substances according to input data. 3D printers paint and stack materials like inks to form substances. Laser materials processing machines shape substances by cutting them with high heat.

It requires materials with entities, but information is materialized without human intervention.


Angkor Wat

The artworks such as paintings and sculptures created by human creative activities can be said to materialize the spirit. I feel that people tend to appreciate value in passion of expressed artists rather than skill.

The same is true for huge buildings that are not aimed at actual profits, such as pyramids and Sagrada Familia. For these buildings, I feel that the passion of people who engaged in construction, not individuals, is materialized.

Miraculous landscape

Miraculous landscape

Even though it was created naturally, there is a miraculous landscape that looks like an artifact. If it is a landscape that can not be created with human technology, the person who saw it will be conscious of God, which is superior to humanity. In modern times, there may be people who are conscious of "ancient alien".

Depending on the person who saw the landscape, it is thought that the intention of the builder made it materialized and they were convinced that the creator of mankind existed.