Mystery experience

I have a mysterious experience that I actually experienced.It is only one precious experience in my life.


Night alley

It's in December of 2009.

That happened in a residential area near a station in Tokyo.

At that time too, on average 40,000 people ride a train on the day, so it is a city with many residents.

The time zone is around 7 pm to 8 pm in the night.

I was walking the road for the first time. There are no other passers-by other than me.

When I was walking while looking at the residential area on the slope, I saw a green spark running  between the roofs of the houses and disappearing.


I saw it like rocket fireworks from speed and sparks, but there are no burning sounds or explosive sounds of gunpowder.

Because it was silent, I thought that it was Christmas decorative illumination.

I stopped and was looking at the same space for a while, but I could not see anything and I never saw a green spark again.

I thought that someone's mischief, so I wandered around for a while for a while, but I can not feel such a sign.

After that, I went to the same place during the daytime of another day, but since the scenery was different from the night, I could not identify the witness point.

I can not ascertain if there really was no decorative illumination.


A piece of truth

As you read, real story is boring.

The boring story that people listen to will not become folklore. If the place I witnessed is the site of an unresolved murder case, it will be passed down for a long time.

In other words, In order to create folklore, It is necessary to adapt the non-real part.

I will finish on the experience stories, consideration about the event witnessed is described in "Fireball".