Number truth

Numbers, or Numerical values, are widely recognized as being present. On the other hand, it seems that God or ghost are often treated as not existing. However, if it can be said that there are no gods or ghosts, it can be said that there are no numbers.

Identity of the numerical value


For example, let's count the number of apples. First of all, the exact same apple does not exist. Therefore, it is a mistake that "There are two apples" in a strict sense. There are only apple A and apple B with different shapes and weights etc.

There are substances of exactly the same composition and shape in the microscopic world such as molecule / atom / elementary particle. However, since the position and the energy held are different, exactly the same substance does not exist.

There are "two apples" only if the abstraction of "there is exactly the same apple" exists by humans.

Identity of numerals

Astronomical clock

The numerals we normally use are decimal numbers from 0 to 9. This is because there were ten fingers of both hands of man. If there are only eight fingers, the octal number should have been standard.

Exceptionally, time and angle are treated as multiples of twelve. However, the laws of the universe are not composed of duodecimal(dozenal) numbers. It is probably because the cycle of the moon's phases is twelve times a year. One year is the time the Earth revolves the sun, and additionally the orbit of the revolution is a circle with an angle of 360. The classical means of measuring time was measuring the inclination of the sun, ie measuring the rotation of the earth.

The mystery of number

Lucky number

Like the lucky number there is a mystery about numbers. As mentioned earlier, number is an abstract concept, so it will not affect other than human beings. However, as discussed in the "spirit", if it affects the spirit of human beings, material effects can also occur.

Since date and time are equivalent to physical circular movement, there is a possibility that substances may be affected. Also, since the brightness is different between the night of a full moon and the night of a new moon, it is natural that human activity as an animal is affected. Like the sea tide level, the gravity of the moon may also affect the human body. It is also conceivable that events occurring with a probability of 1 / 1,000,000 will occur with a probability of 1 / 100,000.

As with the "ghost" consideration, the numerals is a concept that humans have, so numerals will disappear if there is no intelligence like human beings or humans. Also, if there is only intelligence transcending human beings, numerals may not exist. If it is advanced intelligence that recognizes everything as separate, it may not even be able to understand the concept of numerals.