Reaching God

A century has passed since Friedrich Nietzsche declared "God is dead". The sense that God is gone is probably caused by the rapid development of mankind. Then, can mankind arrive at the position of the god who no longer exists?

The way to the Creator


If we can create equal intelligence to human beings, Creator will become the god in monotheism in terms of that intelligence.

The simplest option is to artificially evolve existing creatures such as chimpanzees and crows. It is the same as what an occult devote insisted on is said to have been done by an "ancient alien". In addition, as a divine task, creation of a new life to be constructed from amino acids is conceivable.

I can not imagine what significance it has in the creation of "human beings" of a different species from human beings. At this time it seems that it is not a situation where the number of individuals of humanity is insufficient. However, as discussed in the "spirit", economic efficiency is unnecessary for innovative projects. It will certainly be realized if the intention to "become God" occurs to mankind.


If it is a premise that does not obsess with intelligence as life, creation of intelligence based on an evolved computer will be realized at the earliest. Although there is a possibility that it may be classified as a silicon-based life, supply of supplies necessary for life support such as oxygen and foods and drinks is unnecessary, so we can expect to reach a new Xintiand which is difficult for human beings.

The way to God

Milky Way

With a unique definition, it is assumed that all the universe and physical laws are God.

As I wrote in the "spirit", all the theoretically feasible things have been realized by mankind. If mankind elucidated all the physical laws, all dreams such as immortality, time travel, creation of a new universe will all come true. It is precisely the god of omniscience.

But even if that is possible, there is a fear that mankind will end before that. Also, Dr. Albert Einstein rebounded that "God does not play dice with the universe" against the theory that micro physical phenomena are unpredictable. Numerals as concepts of human beings and mathematical expressions using numbers may have limitations.

Even if the laws of the universe can not be understood by human beings, there is also the possibility that the genealogy of the intelligence newly created by human beings can understand the laws of the universe. Even if there is no ability to become a god, mankind can become a creator of God.