Mystery is treated as unreal, but reality may be mysterious.

Entity of reality

Evaluate an elephant

We are not seeing the outside world with our eyes.

The image sensed in the eyes reaches the brain as a stimulus, and the brain processes the received stimulus as an image.

This is "seeing", it is the brain that is looking at the outside world. Is not limited to sight, but also for tactile, taste, smell, and hearing.

We can not directly recognize what happened inside or outside the human body and can only be recognized indirectly in the form reproduced in the brain.

In summary, the reality that we can recognize exists only in the individual's brain.

Features of the brain


The brain may feel the image and other irritation, etc. without being stimulated from sensory organs in various parts of the human body.

A typical one is a dream to see while sleeping, we can see visual imagined even when we are awake.

On the contrary, there are cases where the brain ignores the stimulus sent from the sense organ.

For example, we unconsciously pay attention to red / yellow which is the color of tree fruit, but we do not pay attention to green / blue unless we are conscious.

Identity of reality


Even though we are things outside the range that can be perceived by sensory devices, we recognize it as reality.

As a means of communicating information, use a conversation with another person, or a medium on which sentences, sounds, and videos are recorded.

Fiction is also a reality if it is limited to being present as fiction. Even a record of what actually happened is the same as fiction if it is limited to the fact that it exists.

The difference between fiction and record is only the difference in recognition of the individual who received the information. Even though it is a good virtual reality, if it feels "This is not realistic", it recognizes it as fiction, and if it is reverse, it recognizes it as a record.

It is the brain that selects materials for recognition. Therefore, the brain is creating reality.