Human's spirit is the most important factor for mankind. It is natural and often forgotten, but I want to reconfirm sometimes in our lives that rely on substances.

Frontier Spirit

Human beings realized what is theoretically possible and progressed. Even if it does not involve economic benefits.

As an example there are giant tombs such as pyramids, but the biggest one in history is probably the Apollo program.

Saturn V type rocket

Depending on the outcome of the Apollo program, human beings have become able to use artificial satellites on a daily basis and acquired the Earth's peripheral space as an economic area. However, from the manned lunar exploration that the Apollo project was aiming for, it has not yet obtained economic benefits.

I think that US citizens who supported the Apollo program did not expect byproducts such as artificial satellites. People did not expect other benefits, except that "human beings arrive at other celestial bodies for the first time. Some people may be indifferent to the moon and only interested in improving the prestige of the United States, but it is still not an economic desire.

Exploration of the moon

I guess that mankind beings are prospering widely on the earth now because they have acquired new ground and new technology. It was obtained by adventure like the Apollo program and the Antarctic expedition which did not care about economy and safety. It can be said that the frontier spirit is the highest survivability of mankind as a species.

Materialization of Spirit

The prosperity of mankind

It is natural that there are economically essential objects, that is, cities and transportation networks for people to live. Because it is necessary for maintaining human life.

A project without economic necessity will not be realized unless there is a person who wants it. In other words, all the theoretically possible things are realized if there is a will of people. It can be asserted that the spirit is materialized.

Even magic that is said to have been used by wizards and witches can not be said to be absurd. However, expressions in fiction are excluded.