The term virtual reality became common. Virtualization as an information processing technology is also evolving. However, we were also master of virtualization.

Virtual reality


Techniques for feeling reality in fiction, or the world of fiction using that technology is called Virtual-Reality (VR).

Stereoscopic images by eyeglasses using red and blue films and surround sound that places the speakers around the audience seats have been used in movie theaters for a long time.

Today, it has become a noteworthy technology because it became available at home and outdoors due to popularization of sensors that measure position and momentum, display devices that correspond to stereoscopic images, and improved drawing technology.

Virtualization of information equipment

Data center

Computer virtualization is also not a new technology. Using an enterprise computer which is now treated as a large type, it has been mainstream in the past to use it as a plurality of Virtual-Machines (VM) from one physical machine.

In recent years, the virtualization technology which became particularly noteworthy is using inexpensive equipment which is not exclusive to the enterprise.Treat many equipments collectively as one equipment, divide it into multiple VMs or virtual communication lines ...etc from there, and ensure equipment with the necessary capabilities.

Even huge equipment that can not be realized in practice is characterized by being virtually realizable.

In the past it was virtualization that could only be used with computers of at least hundreds of thousands of dollars, but now it is now available for hundreds dollars personal computers. I also create a VM on my old laptop computer and use it to check the construction procedure and operation of the server.

Virtualization done by the brain

Mr. President

Human beings are also using virtualization from prehistoric times.

For example, imagine a scene where you talk with President of the United States. You can not understand the thoughts and responses of the Mr. President who you are others and you have not met, but you should have succeeded in imagining. This is because the Mr. President is virtualized in your brain.

Based on Mr. President's impression received from information communications such as Mass Communication and the Internet, supplementing the missing part with "if I am him, think like this", you are generating the Mr. President's personality. The virtualized person is equal to Mr. President you acting, of course it is a different person from the actual Mr. President.

On the virtualization of information equipment, on the other hand, VMs exactly the same as the target equipment can be generated except processing speed. However, all information on the target equipment is necessary. These are decisively different point from virtualization in the brain.

Even if you are a familiar person who is not a distant presence like the Mr. President, We do not know the thoughts of others. It can only be presumed that the information on the person is more abundant than Mr. President and virtualization that is closer to the real thing will be done.

This virtualization is not a rare phenomenon, it always happens when communicating with other person. By checking the reaction of virtualized other person, you can reduce the incidence of trouble even if you are the meet person for first time.

But not only the merit. Even in scenes that do not require communication, virtualization is taking place, so the human beings create infinite mystery.